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July 2019 Doris Duke Charitable Foundation to The Nature Conservancy and team for “Life Cycle Analysis for Mass Timber Buildings in the US”, with The Nature Conservancy and the University of Washington College of the Environment, the Forest Products Laboratory. Case studies located in the US Pacific Northwest, Northeast and Southeast.

June 2019 USDA Grant to The Nature Conservancy and team for “International Case Studies for Life Cycle Analysis for Mass Timber Buildings”, with The Nature Conservancy with the UW COE and Chilean, China, Swedish and Austrian partners.

May 2019 USDA GRANT: “Urban Mass Timber Floor Heights Study/3161 Elliott LLC” with Urban Visions, Seattle. 2019-2021.

May 2019 USDA GRANT: “Fire Safe Implementation of Visible Mass Timber in Tall Buildings.” With the American Wood Council and the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

November 2018 AIA Seattle Honor Awards: Research Award, for ICC Tall Wood Building Code Committee. Jurors: Sunil Bald, Studio SUMO, Will Laufs, Andrea Love, Payette; Dan Maginn w/ Elizabeth Golden, mod.

November 2018 Keynote Speaker, Opening Plenary, United Nations, UNECE, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, COFFI, Vancouver, BC.

October 2018 10th Annual Walton Critic Symposium on Spirituality and Culture in Architectural Education, Participants:  Juhani Pallasmaa, Alberto Campo Baeza, Eliana Bormida, Prem Chandavarkar, Susan Jones, moderated by Michael Crosbie, The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

October 2018 Congressional Briefing on Mass Timber in the US, October 23, 2018, organized by EESI, Environmental and Energy Study Institute, Washington DC. With Melissa Jenkins,   US Forest Service, USDA.

Fall 2018 10th Annual Walton Critic 2018, Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

April 2018 “Timber Rising: Vertical Visions for the Cities of Tomorrow”, exhibition and panel presentation with Andrew Waugh, Waugh Thistleton, and Robert Schmitz, White  Arkiteckter, Stockholm, Sweden, at Roca London Gallery, London, Great Britain.

February 2018 Mass Timber | Design and Research, by Susan Jones, (ORO Editions, San Francisco).

November 2017 No. 7: in Top 50 U.S. Design Firms, Architect Top 50 Magazine, atelierjones No. 7 in Design and No. 93 overall, November 2017, Jurors: Sheila Kennedy, Mark Lee, Jennifer Yoos.

July 2017 IFRAA/Faith & Form Award, for Bellevue First Congregational Church, for New Religious Facilities

November 2016 AIA Seattle Honor Awards, Honorable Mention for CLTHouse. Jurors: Mimi Hoang, Anna Dyson. w/ Gundula Proksch, mod.

November 2016 NAIOP Renovation of the Year Finalist, for Bellevue First Congregational Church WA

September 2016 - 2017 Timber City exhibit, National Building Museum, Washington D.C., CLTHouse, featured.

Sept/Oct 2016 “Urban Beacon,” by Rachel Hayes, Church Designer Magazine  

July 2016 Susan Jones appointed AIA National Representative Appointment to 18-member national ICC Tall Wood Building Code Committee.

Sept.-Dec. 2015: atelierjones: CLT Investigations, invited exhibition at the University of Washington College of the Built Environments, Department of Architecture, Seattle, WA.

August 2015 IFRAA/Faith and Form Unbuilt Award, for Bellevue First Congregational Church, Bellevue WA 

August 2015 IFRAA/Faith and Form Religious Arts: Visual Art Award, for Mary Queen of Peace, Sammamish WA 

June 2015 “Catalytic Architecture; Acts of Resistance”, Afterward by Susan Jones, in Out of Scale; AIA Small Project Awards, ed by Mark Manack, Linda Reeder, (ORO 2015).

September 2014 Runstad Affiliate Fellow, Susan Jones, Grant Awarded from Runstad Center, College of the Built Environments, University of Washington, for international research and travel to Bogata, Medellin and Cartagena, Colombia.

August 2013 “Selected St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Renovation. Dialogues and Interview with Susan Jones” in Architype Review Featured Issue: Religious Buildings, vol. 6 no. 7

November 2013   AIA Seattle Honor Awards: Merit Award for Pike Station. Jurors: Stella Betts, NYC, Manuelle Gautrand, Paris, Virginia San Fratello, Oakland, with Rob Corser, as moderator.




December 2013 “2013 Merit Award: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Renovation”, ed. Michael J. Crosbie, FAIA, in Faith & Form: The Interfaith Journal on Religion, Art and Architecture, Vol. XLVI, No. 4/2013

August 2013: IFRAA/Faith & Form Merit Award for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Renovation in Religious Architecture: Renovation Category

June 2013 “St. Paul’s Episcopal Church: The Forest in the City”, article by Susan Jones, FAIA, in Faith & Form: The Interfaith Journal on Religion, Art and Architecture, Vol. XLVI, No. 2/2013, renovation by atelierjones

June 2013 “St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Renovation”, by Lucia Y. Pu, in The Big Issue:Taiwan

May 2013 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Renovation, atelierjones, in Shanghai Architecture Magazine

July 3, 2013 St Paul’s Episcopal Church Renovation”, atelierjones, by Sofia Grimm, Senior Editor, in

June 27, 2013 "Gorgeous Wedding Venues in States Where Gay Marriage is Legal”, by Kelsey Cambell-Dollaghan, in Gizmodo

July 2012 “FutureShack: Forward-thinking approaches to urban living: Pike Station Live/Work Lofts”, in AIA Seattle Forum Magazine

Sept. 2011 AIA FutureShack Design Award, Unbuilt Category, for Pike Station

September 2011 “Imagine your home in the your future with Seattle’s FutureShack” by Rebecca Teagarden, Seattle Times.

Autumn 2011 “Renewal in Art and Architecture”, by Adam Conley, in Episcopal Voice on St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

May 2011 Living Building Community Award, for competition entry: Pioneer Square: Living Blue and Green; Competition Award for International Living City Competition. With, including Lesley Bain, Ray Gastil, others.

November 2010 AIA Seattle Honor Awards, Citation for Visionary Work,, for Deployable Greenhouses, November 8, 2010. Jurors: Sheila O’Donnell, Gilles Saucier, Jim Johnson. With Nathanial Kahn, mod.

August 2010 atelierjones Wards Cove project featured in Architectural Record

June 2010  “…two atelierjones projects premiated in the Seattle Design Commission Holding Patterns Design Competition,”Seattle Design Commission Holding Patterns Design Competition

January - March 2010 “WORK: 2006-2009” invited exhibition at the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

January 2010 Susan Jones’ FAIA National Fellowship Announced.

July 2009 “Urban Inform, SQUAT”, Rotterdam, Holland

July 2009 “An American icon goes green, smells good too”, by Clair Enlow, AIA Project of the Month, Daily Journal of Commerce.

March 2009 AIA Seattle Project of the Month for Propel BioDiesel, Seattle, WA.

November 2008 NAIOP 2008 Innovation Project of the Year, for Wards Cove, Seattle, WA

November 2008 AIA Seattle Honor Awards, Citation for Conceptual Work, for VO SHED. Jurors:  Patricia Patkau, Nader Tehrani, David Baker. With Susan Szenasy, Metropolis Magazine, mod.

October 2008 National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference in Tulsa, OK, Presentation Topic “The Greening of Starbucks Support Center”

December 2007 Tectonics: Making Meaning, Invited speaker at international refereed conference at University of Technology at Eindhoven, Netherlands

January 2005 Susan Jones, AIA speaks on “The New Downtown Edge”, Allied Arts Foundation

June 2004 Visions of Urban Sustainability, GREENBUILD Conference