Susan to moderate the Design Excellence in Timber and Wood Symposium this weekend!

The Design Excellence in Timber and Wood Symposium, attracting international architects and engineers takes place this weekend at the Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design at the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville, AK. With international guests, Anssi Lassila from OOPEAA, Helsinki, Sebastian Irarrazaval, Chile, John Patkau, Vancouver, and Aaron Dorf, Snohetta, and many other, the symposium promises to be full of beauty, wonder and delight. Susan moderates the closing session, after two days of presentations to professionals, faculty and students.

Susan Jones
atelierjones, The Nature Conservancy and the UW hit the Sunday Seattle Times front page!

Great article published in the Sunday edition of the Seattle Times on September 20, 2019 regarding atelierjones’ work supporting a major, international life cycle analysis and forest demand study on Mass Timber, led by The Nature Conservancy. Was tremendous to see the support from the Seattle Times writer, Katherine Long, to highlight our long time efforts to support climate change efforts to sustainably manage our forests, and lower our carbon footprint of our cities through a systemic use of mass timber.

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Haus Gable and the CLTHouse, via New Zealand!

URBIS Magazine interviews atelierjones’ friend Jennifer Bonner from the GSD about her excellent Haus Gable in Atlanta. Incredible to see these two houses riffing off one another, at opposite ends of the country, via an interview based in New Zealand. #friendsyouvenevermet

Susan Jones
atelierjones awarded multiple research Grants!

atelierjones is excited to announce that we were awarded two USDA/USFS grants as part of two collaborative teams relating to our seven year commitment to research with Mass Timber. These grants are the result of the firm’s multi-year design, research and teaching on the topic.

The first USFS grant is to assist a multi-disciplinary team with conducting fire testing in Sweden, in conjunction with the American Wood Council, to determine parameters around the degree of visibility and exposure of mass timber in buildings. The second was jointly awarded to Urban Visions, atelierjones, Swinerton Construction, DCI and McKinstry. atelierjones will be collaborating with these partners to conduct applied design research on mass timber/hybrid floor assemblies within an office environment.

atelierjones was also awarded a grant last month from The Nature Conservancy to assist in building modeling for LCA analysis in conjunction with our partners in the UW COE/School of Environment and Forest Sciences.

All of this work has strong foundations in research and collaboration. Additionally, the two design studios, lead by Susan Jones, founder of atelierjones, were critical in the development of this research. The studios were conducted at the UW Department of Architecture, including faculty and students, with collaboration from Construction Management and SEFS/COE over the last six years.

To learn more about the US Forest Services’ grants for Wood Innovation, follow the link below:

Susan Jones
Susan to kickoff the 2019 Portland Design Series on February 28, 5:30 pm

Join Susan on February 28, 2019 at the West End Ballroom for a Portland Design Series lecture about atelierjones’ work: Disruptive Ecologies. Her talk will discuss how disruptive design strategies are used to investigate existing ecologies of waste materials, energy, sites and buildings to create delight, wonder and beauty with new conceptual and formal impact in her buildings and urban interventions. Disruptive Ecologies unpacks six projects to examine their design origins and how disruption can generate new phenomenological experiences through embracing high performance ecological parameters as agents of design.

Susan Joneswest end ballroom

All 14 Code Proposals passed by wide margins from 69% to 94% after the Online Voting process was verified by the ICC in late January, 2019. These wide margins indicated that the broader code community had indeed vetted the thorough and impactful process that the ICC TWB Code Committee had established between 2016 and 2018. Significantly, the success of the five full-scale Fire Tests performed at the Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms outside of Washington D.C. in the summer of 2017 proved to be a key turning point for the ICC Committee’s deliberations. Susan Jones, FAIA was appointed by the National American Institute of Architects to represent over 90,000 architects on the two and a half year committee process. She served pro-bono.

Susan Jones
Susan invited to the New York City Fire Training Academy to discuss Tall Wood Buildings

On January 27, 2019, on Randall Island, in Manhattan, Susan was invited to give the opening talk at the New York City Fire Training Academy. NYC Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro opened the event, acknowledging that the Fire Department is open to learning about new building directions and ideas in order to meet the challenges of the future built environment. Organized by UL, the two-day conference was devoted to dialogue and learning about the rigorous testing and code deliberations that led to the successful passage of the ICC Tall Wood Building Codes earlier in the month.

atelierjones wins AIA Research Award for Tall Wood Building Code Committee work

AIA Seattle awarded AIA Research Award to atelierjones and Susan’s colleagues from the Tall Wood Building Code Committee for their multi-year work developing new Building Codes and standards for Tall Timber high-rise structures from 8 stories to 18 stories. The entire committee was recognized for their important, groundbreaking work, including funded research for five major fire-tests at the Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms outside of Washington D.C. Congratulations!

Susan Jones
Susan Jones is the 2018 Walton Critic at CUA in Washington DC

Susan is off to Washington DC this week to be the 2018 Walton Critic in the Sacred Space and Cultural Studies program at Catholic University of America.   She will work with the faculty to lead a graduate Architecture Studio, Towards A Simplicity of Death, focusing on a new Witness Crematorium and Ceremonial Hall in conjunction with atelierjones' clients at Washington Memorial Park.

Susan Jones
Mass Timber | BE-Ex | NYPassiveHouse | AIA NYC

it was an exciting May and June for Mass Timber | Design and Research - with Susan speaking in at the AIANYC Centre for Design in May, and BE-EX and at the NY PassiveHouse Conference in June.  Standing room only crowds, and lots of interest in atelierjones' broad, systemic message of lower carbon construction,  sustainable forest management, and beautiful, natural, light filled buildings.  See the BE-Ex video here:

Susan Jones
Mass Timber | Design and Research goes to London!

as part of the TIMBER RISING exhibit at the ROCA LONDON Gallery, designed by Zaha Hadid in Chelsea, London. Susan Jones spoke with Andrew Waugh of Waugh Thistleton Architects of London, and Robert Schmitz of White Arkitekter, from Sweden about their work with Mass Timber.  It was a lively, discussion-filled evening!  

Susan Jones
Forterra Mass Timber Conference at UW Tacoma - atelierjones presentation here

Susan Jones presented  CLT101 to the 200+-person conference held at the UW Tacoma by Mass Timber Coalition Partner, FORTERRA.  atelierjones' partnership with FORTERRA over the past three years has helped created a huge momentum for the Pacific Northwest Region Mass Timber leadership, building upon the Northwest's deep commitment to sustainable forestry and commitment to lower carbon construction technologies.  Thank you FORTERRA!

See all the conference videos here:

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Susan Jones
Mass Timber Design | Research Book Launch on March 1, 2018 a big success!

it was a wonderful evening together at Peter Miller Books, on March 1, First Thursday, for our book launch. Many friends, old and new were there to celebrate our new book, Mass Timber Design | Research, by Susan Jones, published by ORO Editions.  Over here at atelierjones, we are still glowing from all the warmth and good cheer we felt!  Congratulations to all of our atelierjones collaborators, and the brilliant students and faculty at the University of Washington Department of Architecture. and the huge coalition of folks regionally and nationally that made the book possible.  

Susan Jones

Our BFCC CLTChurch was honored to win a New Religious Buildings award from the IFRAA / Faith & Form awards program.  The award will be presented at AIA National in New York City next summer, and published in the December 2017 issue of Faith & Form. Congratulations to our excellent clients and the entire team, including Trinity Real Estate, Goudy Construction, DCI,  ARUP Acoustics, and Blanca Lighting.             ARCHDAILY link below

Read more here